About Us

AtHome Tuition is the world’s leading pioneer when it comes to tutoring online. We lead the field in both e-tutoring and one-to-one online study, with courses offered for the preparation of both competitive and academic exams.

Our organization was established in 2006, and is now the biggest provider of online courses on the internet. We currently provide online courses to students in countries across the world, including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Middle-East, China, Thailand and India. We are constantly looking to expand our services to other countries too, as we believe it is our duty to share our knowledge throughout the world. We have an excellent team of professional, experienced and highly qualified tutors on our team, who will strive to empower you with their knowledge and skills. All of our students study online using only the latest and best learning resources available, resources that are on a par with British and American international standards. We offer a collaborative platform that will facilitate your interaction with your tutor seamlessly and in real-time, using voice calls, live chat, emails and discussion boards.

Our objective as the leading frontrunner in online education is to impart to our students educational knowledge of the highest possible standard at extremely competitive rates. We offer you high quality and affordable study from the comfort of your own home. In just a few short years, we have grown rapidly and our customer base now includes many, many satisfied students who study online with us from across the globe.

The unique thing about AtHome Tuition is that we provide you with an interactive online study environment. This allows you to interact directly with your tutor by participating in live discussions and idea exchanges during your lessons. Your tutor is on hand to provide essential guidance for you, as well as answer your questions and clarify important concepts relating to your subject. Altogether, this offers you a very unique and personal learning experience. AtHome Tuition is committed to making your or your child’s learning a most interesting and enjoyable experience. For this reason, we provide only the most fascinating educational materials. We strive to ensure that all of our online courses are the most creative, spontaneous and fun-filled educational journeys offered anywhere.

Our Vision

Study online and enjoy a truly amazing and fun-filled learning experience

One of our staunchest beliefs is that each and every child is special. Each has his or her own unique talents and gifts in abundance, and each has the power to change their world for the better. As the frontrunner in the world of online education, we see it as our foremost duty to develop the inherent potential and talent of each child, through our unique educational process. We believe that our work contributes greatly to the development of our student’s individual personalities and special skills, by allowing them to achieve their educational goals in a comfortable and enriching learning environment. To achieve this, our online learning method involves three key components; personalized attention to each student, easy and efficient knowledge transfer and the all-round development of our students.

Unique benefits when you study online with AtHome Tuition include:

  • Real-time Interaction - A collaborative online platform that allows for real-time interaction between students and tutors who are based in different geographical locations. As well as this, students who study online are assigned homework and have access to online discussion boards to help maintain high levels of student-tutor access.

  • High Quality Learning Resources - Only the highest quality resources are used in order to fully motivate students in their preparation for competitive tests and exams.

  • Cutting Edge Educational Technology - We combine our unique teaching methodology with innovative new technologies such as the interactive whiteboard and voice technology facilities. These new technologies facilitate student-tutor interaction and enrich the learning experience.

  • Save Precious Time - By choosing to study online, you are saving yourself valuable time as you are working from home. Thus you can save on many hours worth of traveling throughout the duration of the course. Moreover, you can arrange your classes to be scheduled at a time that is most suitable for you.

  • Peace Of Mind - We can guarantee that our online services are totally 100% secure and of the highest quality as all interactive sessions are recorded and thoroughly checked by our experts.

  • Monthly Parent - Teacher Conference - We feel that a student’s parents play an important part in their education, and so we believe that it is vital that parents are kept abreast of the situation. Parents need to know how their child is progressing when they study online, if they are going to be able to give the right kind of support to them. For this reason, we offer a once a month private conference to our student’s parents. Using live chat tools, the parents and tutor can sit down to discuss their child’s progress, homework, strengths and weaknesses and anything else that either party feels is relevant.

  • Monthly Test - Students on role for more than a month can avail our monthly testing services. This benefits both tutor and student to assess the progress made. Students will be able to get a good feel for the style of question and test format, giving them the best possible advantage when their real test comes along.

  • School Work and Homework Assistance - Because all of our courses are closely tied in with a student’s school curriculum, our tutors are able to offer assistance with school work and homework to all of our students. This doesn’t just mean giving out the answers to the child of course. Our tutor will be available to look at the homework or school work and explain it in detail, and offer assistance to the student on how to complete the work.

  • The Management Team - Our dedicated and highly qualified management team comprises experienced professionals from a variety of diverse educational backgrounds. They include lead tutors and specialist educators from many different schools and universities in the U.S. as well as management professionals who have the experience of working for U.S. based companies in the past. Our incredible team of academicians and professionals has contributed a great deal in our endeavor to become the dominant leader in online tutoring, so you can be sure you are in safe hands when you study online with AtHome Tuition.

Our Mission

We want to give your child the best just as you do.

The mission of AtHome Tuition is to provide students with high-quality personalized e-tutoring which could help them in achieving their educational objectives, thus bringing to fore the multitudinous skills and talents that lie deep within each and every child. We strongly believe that our online tutoring courses would act as a basic foundation to transform your child into a more capable, strong and motivated individual in future.

The Management Team

We have a dedicated management team that comprises highly qualified and well-experienced professionals from diverse educational backgrounds. It would be right to say that our incredible team of academicians and professionals have contributed a great deal in our endeavor to become one of the dominant leaders in the field of online tutoring. Our team of academic experts basically includes lead tutors and specialist educators from various schools, colleges and Universities in the U.S. as well as management professionals with several years of experience in U.S. based companies.