Study SAT online and attain the grades you dream of

Study SAT online with our expert tutors if you want to excel and get the passing grades that you desire. At AtHome Tuition you can select from a variety of different SAT 1 and SAT 2 courses, including math level 1 and level 2, chemistry, physics and biology. Our specialist SAT instructors make the most of our unique learning resources to work with students and encourage them to fulfill their true potential. Study SAT online with AtHome Tuition to gain a distinct advantage over your peers

Virtually all reputable universities in the U.S. have the requirement that students pass 2 or 3 different subject tests of their choosing. Our expert tutors can help students by working with them on a one-to-one basis. Students who study with AtHome Tuition will therefore have the best possible chance to achieve their best in SAT 2 tests. Our study SAT online course begins with an assessment test and is then tailored to focus on the areas in which the student is weakest.

Our SAT courses include the following subjects:

SAT Reasoning

AtHome Tuition’s SAT Reasoning course offers 24 hours of intensive study to students. Regular SAT classes use up much of course time allotted on taking tests in class. We don’t do this. Instead for our students who study SAT online, we use this time to prepare our students, looking at examples, questions, problems and strategies for test taking. This is where our tutors can provide really effective help. Core units covered in this course are Critical Reading, Mathematics, and Writing.

SAT II Math Level 1 & Level 2

Our SAT math preparation courses offer students up to 20 interactive lessons that enable students to gain an in depth understanding of the different types of study SAT online test questions they will face. As well as this, we offer practice tests in order for our students to familiarize themselves with the SAT test format. Study SAT online with our expert tutors and you will receive expert one-on-one tutoring on all of the main components of SAT math tests. This includes Algebra, Geometry, Algebraic Functions, Elementary Statistics and Basic Trigonometry for Math Level 1 and Algebra and its functions, Geometry, Statistics, Probability and Data Analysis for Math Level 2.

SAT II Biology

Course objective for our SAT Biology programs include gaining a solid foundation and understanding of all the basic concepts that will be covered in the test. SAT biology is the only SAT test that offers students a choice. Students can opt for either the ecological test or the molecular test. Therefore, when you study SAT online with AtHome Tuition, we will ask you to take an initial assessment test to decide which field is your strongest, and then the student and his/her parents can make a decision as to which option is best for them. The SAT Biology E/M tests require that students have a full understanding of such things as graph interpretation, biological data and its concepts, terms and the knowledge to effectively interpret and synthesize data from maps, charts and other kinds of visual media. Our expert tutors use a full range of the latest study SAT online techniques, combined with modern resources and technology to instill this knowledge in each and every student.

SAT II Chemistry

Our SAT II Chemistry program is designed to enable students study SAT online to fully grasp and absorb the basic elements of SAT Chemistry in a comprehensive 20 hour course. The student and tutor will work closely together throughout the course in order to raise the student’s skills to the necessary level to gain the grades that they need. Our course includes 20 hours of personalized one-on-one study SAT online tuition, practice tests and feedback reports that allow you to assess progress, a flexible schedule access to all of our resources and forums so that students can research and discuss any aspect of the study SAT online course at their own leisure. AtHome Tuition’s core SAT Chemistry course will cover all major test topics including Organic Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Lab Equipment and Lab Techniques, Atoms, Chemical Reactions, Electron Configurations and Radioactivity, Solutions, Kinetics and Equilibrium, Gases, Liquids and Solids and Acids and Bases.

SAT II Physics

The fundamental basics of our SAT II Physics course will be instilled in students, giving them the necessary knowledge and expertise to attain their desired grade. Study SAT online with AtHome Tuition and you will be able to take advantage of having an expert tutor on call, whenever you need them. The major topics covered in our study SAT online physics course are Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Waves, Heat, Kinetic Theory and Thermodynamics, Modern Physics and other miscellaneous topics. AtHome Tuition’s physics course will cover each of these core areas in great detail, enabling each student who will study SAT online with our physics tutors to have the best possible chance of achieving the positive grades that they desire.