High School

High school is the stepping-stone for higher studies. Students' responsibilities and workload increase as they learn more subjects in depth. In the beginning years of high school itself students start preparing for their college admission process, taking standardized exams like PSAT. Most students begin to think of their future and career in high school. Toward the end of the high school years, students are involved in making major decisions regarding their college choices and what they want to study in college. They will be busy with taking college admission exams and preparing application for college admissions. High school students may have major responsibilities outside school that may affect their work in school. All of this could create major stress for the students and their ability to do well in classes. If your child needs some extra help with their studies, AtHome Tuition is the answer.

The AtHome Tuition curriculum is individually designed for each student. It also will help student with college admission tests. We serve a broad cross-section of students with diverse learning styles, proficiency levels, and personal needs. We provide a supportive and lively environment in which students are comfortable enough to take risks and share original ideas. So give us a chance to make a difference in your child’s education.