How it Works

Online tutoring made easy

Your child associates the computer with fun and entertainment, so we use it to make their tuition more interesting. A great many of our students actually look forward to their online tutoring lessons!

Using our unique interface, students work with an expert tutor one-on-one in a totally secure web environment. All you need is a home computer or laptop, browser and a fast internet connection. No additional software or equipment is needed for online tutoring.

AtHome Tuition uses a unique tool called the virtual whiteboard during lessons. This two-way application allows both the tutor and the student to either write or draw, so they can discuss problems, ideas, solutions and explanations during lessons. The virtual whiteboard also allows for animations and simulations to be displayed, meaning the educational experience is enhanced and the student’s online tutoring is maximized.

On the interactive whiteboard, students can also use out live chat tool or instant message tool to discuss ideas and problems with the tutor in real time. These chat and messenger tools are totally secure and not associated with any other program or website, so the student’s privacy is guaranteed.

Students are able to connect with their tutor as much as they need to, as there are no limitations to the help AtHome Tuition is willing to provide. Online tutoring is no different to studying face to face, however it is a lot more fun and convenient!

Using our virtual whiteboard and communications tools for online tutoring is really easy. Most students become familiar with the user interface very quickly.

  • Student and tutor communicate naturally, using live voice chat and messenger

  • Student and tutor share an interactive whiteboard, and can even write naturally by using a digital pen / pad

  • Tools such as protractors and rulers can be utilized for math and science subjects

  • Homework can be done on our interface, even if the tutor is offline

  • School homework can be scanned and uploaded so that our tutors can help or advise

  • Everything displayed on the virtual white board can be recorded / saved or printed, meaning all your previous work is available for referencing