Unique Principle

Our online tuition follows an unmatched and unique “3-i principle”

Our uniquely tailored online tutoring system is offered to students across the globe and follows a comprehensive and balanced “3-i principle” in order to maintain the highest possible educational standards, and cement our position as leaders in the field of online tutoring.

The three pillars of the principle are detailed below:

Improved Resources

You can be sure that AtHome Tuition never compromises on the quality of its teaching staff. We select only the most suitably qualified teacher or teachers on our staff to suit each student’s specific online tutoring needs. We adhere to the same principle when it comes to choosing and recommending resources as well. Before we outline any program, we will select the teachers and course materials that match precisely each students learning profile.

Individual Care

Always, our top priority is to provide each child and each student with dedicated attention and care so that he/she can master the subjects they study using our online tuition service. Our courses are customized and take into account the specific areas of any subject that a student finds difficult or challenging.

Interactive Sharing

One of our goals is that our students come to think of us as a friend, one who is always on call at a moments notice to help them out with their online tutoring and learning. Once a course has been started, we offer parents of students regular feedback as well, and can also provide your child with regular cross-references back to the course material and directions to new online tutoring material if required.