Study TOEFL online for the best test preparation

AtHome Tuition now offer a fully comprehensive online TOEFL preparation courses for our international students. The TOEFL(Test of English as a Foreign Language) test is designed to evaluate a students ability to both understand and use English in a formal or academic situation. It is often an admission requirement for non-native English speakers who want to gain acceptance at American or British universities. Many international companies also require a minimum TOEFL score for certain positions within their organizations.

Study TOEFL online with AtHome Tuition in order to give yourself the best possible chance of succeeding in this test. Our professional course offers one-on-one tutoring with expert TOEFL teachers, so students will be getting only the very best guidance. When you study TOEFL online with AtHome Tuition, you will see a marked improvement in the five key skills required to pass the test; English grammar, English vocabulary, reading comprehension, listening skills and essay writing skills.

There are five parts to the course when you choose to study TOEFL online with us. Each of the five parts is specifically designed to improve one of the key skill areas required for the TOEFL test.

  • Part one is dedicated to improving a students vocabulary when they study TOEFL online. Our course covers the most commonly used words from the TOEFL tests. We do this because we believe that it is necessary to learn all of the vocabulary you are likely to be tested on first.

  • Part two concentrates on reading comprehension. When you study TOEFL online, you need to reinforce and review the vocabulary you have learned, so that you don’t just forget it.

  • Part three covers the writing section. Essay writing is a fundamental skill, and it is necessary for students who study TOEFL online to be extremely competent. Your tutor will assist you in the proper construction of sentences and paragraphs. Also covered are the essential grammar skills that TOEFL examiners look out for when they check your essay.

  • Part four is about listening. Good listening skills are vital for anyone who will study TOEFL online. Students are required to have good listening skills not only for the listening part of the TOEFL test, but also in order to understand the instructions and questions in the speaking and writing parts.

  • Part five of the course is the test practice. Our course offers students two full TOEFL exams under the official test conditions, so that students have an idea of what to expect. Not only do you need to study TOEFL online, you need to know what to expect in the test as well.