Be the best when you study IELTS online

As well as TOEFL, we offer courses for foreign students who want to study IELTS online. Our IELTS courses are fully comprehensive, as well as being personalized so that they take into account each students strengths and weaknesses.

The IELTS test, known by its full name of the International English Language Testing System, is the most important test for non-native English speakers, along with the TOEFL test. IELTS is accepted by most academic institutions from English speaking countries such as the U.S, Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and so it is a very popular test for foreign students wanting to study in those countries. The IELTS test is also a requirement for any non-native speaker who wants to emigrate to Australia or Canada.

There are two different IELTS tests available, and so we offer 2 different study IELTS online courses to reflect this. The most popular is the Academic Version, which is intended for students from non-native speaking countries who want to enroll in universities in English speaking countries. There is also the General Training Version of IELTS, which is for people who want to travel to other countries in order to gain work experience, or else for purposes of immigration in some countries.

Study IELTS online with AtHomeTution and you will be able to:

  • Prepare yourself thoroughly for the IELTS test

  • Gain practice in the kinds of questions that you will come across in the IELTS test

  • Give the answers that the IELTS test examiner will be expecting to hear

  • Learn the techniques to improve your overall IELTS score

  • Become familiar with the IELTS test procedures and time limits

The reason why students need to study IELTS online is that it is essential to improve on test taking strategies and learn the best techniques for doing so. When you study IELTS online you should be aware it is not about improving your English level, so much as improving your testing skills and familiarizing yourself with the IELTS test format.