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Are you interested in tutoring students online? We are presently hiring a number of dedicated, expert tutors to teach for AtHome Tuition. If online tutoring and getting well paid for it interests you, then this is just the opportunity you have been looking for!

AtHome Tuition is the world’s leading provider of private tutoring on the web. We are a rapidly growing organization that offers huge possibilities for your career advancement. By tutoring online, you can do what you enjoy most – Tutoring and sharing your wealth of experience with students from across the world.

Online Tutoring Benefits

  • Being able to work from home

  • Extra income

  • Flexible working hours – work the hours you want, when you want!

  • Improve your teaching skills and boost your resume by tutoring students from across the world

  • Become familiar with the latest computerized tutoring technology

Our Requirments

We require that all of our tutors are educated to at least a post graduate level in their specialist subject. As well as this, potential tutors need to have a computer and a reliable, high-speed broadband internet connection. Tutors will also be required to work for a minimum of 4 hours per day, and must be willing to learn about the necessary tools and technologies that are used for online tutoring.

Tutor Testimonials

This is what some of our current tutors have to say about working with AtHome Tuition:

“By tutoring from home with AtHome Tuition, I am able to continue doing what I love. Despite having small children to take care of, I am still able to share my knowledge tutoring students, something that always gives me the utmost pleasure and satisfaction” – Catherine Holder, New Jersey

“After almost 20 years of college teaching, I was looking for a fresh challenge. Boy did I find it when I came across online tutoring! A whole new world of opportunities was opened for me, and I was only too happy to embrace it. A tutor can never stop improving themselves, and I have certainly learned a lot with AtHome Tuition” – Dr. Sanjay Kushta, Mumbai

“AtHome Tuition provide an excellent service to students the world over, and I’m happy to share in that. I’m very happy I heard about tutoring opportunities online. I never realized how much fun tutoring online could be, and that’s without mentioning the convenience of it all” – Sidi Muralitharan, Colombo

“Having worked with AtHome Tuition for just over 3 months now, I can say that it is a most innovative idea, one that really produces great results. The work is enjoyable and exciting, and I enjoy being able to work so closely with individual students and seeing them progress” – Gerhard Schechtner, Germany

FAQ For Prospective Tutors

What subjects and grades are you hiring for?

AtHome Tuition is recruiting English, Math and Science tutors currently. However, we are also interested to hear from tutors of other subject areas, as our programs offered database is constantly expanding.

Am I able to work part-time or flexible hours?

Yes, of course. We offer both part-time and full-time tutoring positions. Right now, you can choose from working between 4 and 8 hours per day. Working hours will be based on a pre-agreed schedule, but this can be changed with prior notice.

Am I able to work part-time or flexible hours?

Yes, of course. We offer both part-time and full-time tutoring positions. Right now, you can choose from working between 4 and 8 hours per day. Working hours will be based on a pre-agreed schedule, but this can be changed with prior notice.

How long to the online tutoring sessions last, and do I always teach the same student or different ones?

Our sessions vary depending on the course and student’s wishes, but usually last between 45 minutes to 1 hour. Tutors will teach as many students as they have time for, however we try to schedule our students with the same tutor each session. We do this because we believe continuity and building a good student-tutor relationship promotes more effective learning.

Any problems or disadvantages I should know about?

For US and UK based tutors, you should be aware that most tutoring will take place during the evenings. We also require a certain level of commitment from our tutors; we are not interested in floating or ad hoc tutors.

What are the required qualifications and skills?

All of our tutors must be qualified to a minimum of post graduate master’s degree level in the subject they will teach. We also demand that our tutors have previous tutoring experience. We may make exceptions for tutors with no experience if they have an additional education-based degree. We may also make exceptions for certain candidates that have outstanding academic records and experience in specialized fields such as engineering. Lastly, good English and computer skills are mandatory requirements for all our tutors.

What kind of computer and internet connection do I need?

The main requirement is that you have a high speed internet connection (Broadband, ISDN, DSL or similar). Your PC must be installed with Windows and Internet Explorer programs. You also need a minimum of 256mb of RAM, and a Pentium 3 processor or something even faster. Speakers and a microphone and a digital pad and pen are also essential. Lastly, you must have Microsoft Word installed on your PC.

As an online tutor, what will my duties and responsibilities be?

There are many responsibilities that come with this job. We ask that you treat them with the utmost seriousness:

  • Be aware of each student’s needs and learning objectives

  • Use our tools to prepare personalized lesson plans and a curriculum

  • Provide expert tutoring to each student using our tools and your special skills and knowledge

  • Keep yourself up to date with our policies and conduct codes

  • Maintain regular contact with AtHome Tuition. This means responding to all messages from us within 48 hours

  • Be available and prepared to tutor at the scheduled times, as previously agreed with us. You must inform us in advance if you are going to be unavailable to tutor

  • Work with us to continue building the quality service that our students deserve

Is there any training required in order to become an online tutor?

All of our tutors receive training before starting work. Training will cover computer usage, our unique interface system and computerized teaching tools, online tutoring basics, familiarization of tutoring content and resources, US and UK curriculum specifics and finally our own tutoring methodology. The training course is quite intensive, covering approximately 30 hours over 1-2 weeks. Prospective tutors will then have to complete trial sessions with our trainers in order to be cleared to tutor our valued students.

Thanks very much for your interest in becoming an online tutor with AtHome Tuition. We hope that we have covered all of your questions regarding our tutor program. However, if you need more information, we are happy to respond to your queries. Please email us or send your professional resume to careers@AtHome and we will respond to your inquiry soon.

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