Simple Probabilities

Probability is the chance of something to happen.

A very good example for is when you toss a coin. When a coin is tossed, you either get a tail or a head. In short, you have two possible outcomes. So the possibility of you tossing a tail is 1 in 2 or ½. The same is true with tossing a head that is also 1 in 2 or 1/2.

It would then be safe to say that the formula of probability is this:

     = Number of ways it can happen
        Total number of outcomes


  1. There are 6 bars of chocolate in a box. 4 are white chocolates and 2 are dark chocolates. What is the
    probability of picking a white chocolate?


    There are 6 total bars of chocolates.

    There are only 4 white chocolates.

    = 4/6

    = 0.67

  2. There are 3 plates in the dishwasher. 1 is a round shaped and the other 2 are square shaped. What is the
    probability of getting a round plate?


    There are 3 plates.

    There is only 1 round plate.

    = 1/3

    = 0.33

  3. You have 5 pairs of socks in the drawer. 3 of the pairs are knee length and 2 are ankle length. What is the
    probability that a knee length pair will be picked?


    There are 5 pairs of socks.

    There are 3 pairs of knee length socks.

    = 3/5

    = 0.6

  4. In the kitchen drawer, there are 10 utensils. 4 spoons, 3 forks and 3 knives. What is the probability that a spoon is picked?


    There are 10 utensils.

    There are 4 spoons.

    = 4/10

    = 0.4

  5. In an animal adoption center, a pet dog just gave birth to 10 cute little puppies. 6 with black spots and 4 without spots. What is the probability that a puppy with black spots will be selected?


    There are 10 puppies.

    6 puppies have black spots

    = 6/10

    = 0.6